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Project Outline
Port of DAKAR - Site of the New Container Terminal 2006-2007
The Project Required: Dredging of the new Terminal site. Construction of a new 300m quay for berthing large vessels. Reclamation works for the creation of new land for a 75,000 sq.m  container storage area . Dredging the access channel and turning circle to -13 m depth . Main Contractor : Somagec-Gammon-Drapor JV Dredging of the Channel & Turning circle : Atlantic Dredging
The Project New Container Terminal - Port of DAKAR The Port Autonome de Dakar elaborated a development programme for the increase of the Port’s handling capacity with the addition of new quays ,a new container terminal and the deepening of the port to accommodate larger vessels.
Scope of work:  The access channel and turning circle were deepened from -11 to -13m necessitating the removal of some 600,000 cu. m of dredged material, allowing access to larger vessels. The project required the dredging of clay and volcanic tuff layers of varying thickness and very hard stratified limestone shale. -The use of explosives was excluded by the Dakar Port Authority. A spud pontoon equipped with a one-off design-construction, Fundex , equipped with an IHC S-70 Hydro-hammer,that can operate to depths up to -50m , was used for rock breaking. The dredged material was dumped using split barges and tug boats at the designated offshore dumping area.